1873 exhibit of Kane, Joe and his wife Hanna


Historic stereoview showing the 1873 exhibit of Kane, “Joe” (Inuktitut name “Ebierbing”) and his wife “Hanna” (Inuktitut name “Tookoolito”), photographed by Smithsonian photographer Thomas W. Smillie (1843-1917). Appointed in 1870, Smillie served in the position for 47 years. The photographer’s studio occupied the west cloister from 1872 until 1875 when it was moved to a building constructed west of the Castle. Kane’s clothing displayed on a manikin consisted of a loose fitting fox-skin shirt attached to an almost air-tight hood. Underneath the shirt was a similar one made of bird-skins, chewed in the mouth by women until they were perfectly soft; reportedly more than 500 Auks were used to make a garment of this type! The lower extremities were protected by a pair of bear-skin breeches and boots which consisted of bird-skin socks padded with grass and topped by bear-skin uppers.

Image Type: Stereoview
Title: None.
Photographer/Publisher: Attributed to Smithsonian photographer Thomas W. Smillie (1843-1917).
Size: ~ 3.9375″ x 6.9375″
Condition: Light edge wear and surface soil, otherwise very nice with excellent contrast and tone. Blank back.